"My prayer is... that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you." - JOHN 17:21


What a success!


Dear Friends of Youth,
What an AMAZING 23rd Annual Power of One!  It was so awesome to see how God moved in the final days leading up to the event to make Power of One a “Sell Out” as some 1244 people attended! A special thanks to the generosity of business owner and individuals who understand the mission behind Power of One, and were able to bless us with sponsorships and donations so we could keep the ticket prices affordable for all!

Some amazing ministry highlights!
•    50 new believers raised their hands to know Christ!
•    Over 100  youth leaders attended the training seminars (An amazing number as we only anticipated about 40 would actually attend!)
•    Nearly 500 youth attended the afternoon seminars to be trained in sharing their faith!
•    Speaker, Brian Aaby did a great job as I personally attended his seminars and received a ton of great feedback.
•    Hundreds committed to a plan to Grow in their faith.
•    To be in the word.
•    To be in prayer.
•    To have accountability.
•    And to be a part of a worship community!
•    To cap the entire day off we challenged everyone with a commission to Go!
•    To see people raise their hands to say I will share my faith.
•    To say I will join Life Promotions to be a part of our call for evangelism.
•    And committing to bring a friend to Lifest next year!

And again to see 1200, mostly youth fill the venue! Worshiping!  God melted my heart.  It was a Spirit lead day!!!
Thanks for your part!

Bob Lenz
President and Founder of Life Promotions, Organizers of Lifest and Power of One